Medical Need

Medical need

Allergy diseases are increasing in prevalence and developed into a major health concern in Europe with over 80 million people affected by some form of allergic disease and around 30 million people with suffering from asthma. Although symptoms of allergic diseases can be managed effectively, they cannot be cured and can develop into chronic disease conditions.
Allergies are seldom lethal, but diminish patients’ quality of life and cause considerable socio-economic costs. Around 1.5 million people in Europe live in fear of dying from an attack. (European Federation of Allergy and Airway Diseases Patients Association)

Alarming situation

More and more indiviaduals are developing allergic diseases and it is estimated that, by 2015, one in two Europeans is likely to suffer from allergy. Despite this epidemic situation allergic diseases are still underestimated, under-diagnosed and often do not receive adequate treatment. Major efforts are still needed in research to understand allergy and its complex mechanisms. They will include multidisciplinary studies of contributing factors (from intrinsic, genetic factors to extrinsic environmental factors), different expressions of the diseases (in the nose, lungs, skin and intestine) and treatment – both for prevention and cure.