The MARC is building on a longstanding cooperative allergy research environment and was formally constituted by the TUM and the Helmholtz Zentrum M├╝nchen in 2008.

The Centre is unique in its complete coverage ranging from Environment, Epidemiology, Genetics, Cellular Immunology, Biochemistry, Experimental Allergology, Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Immunology and Clinical Allergology. This range of activities allows the Center to drive projects through a cycle of innovation (See Figure), that often starts in clinical / environmental observations, that is then analyzed in cellular context and that is further extended into experimental disease models and biomarker definition, before it is tested in real disease context.

The MARC is situated in Munich that profits from Germany's most active research base, with multiple institutions and excellence clusters and could already develop multiple cooperations. Therefore any investment into the network is not wasted in networking, but direct in research.